Shane Jeremy James || Great Management Tips to Motivate Employees

Shane Jeremy James one of the best motivational speaker provides best tips to motivate employees.

The distinction between being a terrible chief, a great administrator, and an incredible director will enormously affect the air and efficiency of any work environment. An incredible chief will value the significance of knowing how to inspire representatives; utilization of this information once a day will mean the distinction between an upbeat workforce and one which is, best case scenario, stale and deadened.

Many managers have little idea of how to motivate their employees, or the importance of doing so. Not all employees respond to the same motivations, either; a successful manager will be able to recognise what the key motivators are for their employee pool in order to improve workplace performance and overall satisfaction. 

There are five key factors when it comes to employee motivation: Compensation, appreciation, satisfaction, recognition and inspiration. 

Compensation: most people go to work primarily for financial reward. Employees who are eligible to receive not only their basic pay, but also potentially bonuses, raises, commissions, benefits such as vehicles or subsidised attendance at conferences, etc, will be more motivated than those for whom these aspects of employment are not an option. However, it should be noted that while money is a viable 'incentive' and can be used to encourage short term activity, it is not an effective long term motivator of Performance. 

Appreciation: an employee who feels unappreciated will feel little motivation in the workplace. Many managers make the error of being quick to bring mistakes and faults to attention, yet never acknowledge a job well done. Personal acknowledgement from employer to employee for positive feedback reasons goes a long way to motivating future performance. 

Satisfaction: a profitable and effective workplace will foster an environment that attracts, directs, and retains great employees. Job satisfaction equals motivation to perform. Employees who are happy at work will translate to clients who are happy as well. 

Recognition: almost as important a motivator as money, an employer cannot afford to be remiss when it comes to recognition of the efforts and achievements of their employees. Cold hard cash speaks loudly, but emotional payment in the form of recognition sings. Personal recognition one to one, as well as acknowledgement of excellence amongst all staff are fabulous motivators.
Inspiration: a great leader leads by example. Employers are no different. Espouse what you want from your employees, and walk the walk - don't just talk the talk. Be passionate and excited about your job. Be friendly and open with your employees, while retaining a professional distance. Communicate clearly. Include everyone and don't play favourites. 

Following these guidelines is a great first step to knowing How to motivate employees. While there are numerous "little things" a manager can do to further their cause, all things will lead back to the above five factors. By setting the example for professionalism, cheerfulness, presentation and interpersonal dialogue you expect from your staff, you will be assured that you will effectively reap what you sow. 

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