Shane Jeremy James explaining why White Space Makes Your Rich

Finding the white space in your market

It’s about spotting market opportunities in your industry that your business can meet. There are many forms of ‘white space’. Some companies consider it to be new territory; others believe it to be where competition has not gone. In this context, it is about finding the new opportunities that your business has the resources, capability and passion to meet.

The Future is audio and video.

Audio and Voice are the new social media opportunity says, Shane Jeremy James!

Vlogging can set you apart from the rest. While video and audio is quickly becoming the norm, vlogging for business is still in its infancy, which means most of your competitors are probably not jumping in. So now is your chance to stand apart from the crowd. Just make sure to take
of the many ways you can use vlogging.

Vlogs build trust. 

Trust is the foundation of growing any business. Many people are skeptical about buying products and services online from businesses and people they don’t know. They fear of being taken for a ride. But with vlogging you have the opportunity to give them the chance to connect with you by showing your face or the face of your company so they know you exist.

he popularity of podcasts is certainly growing.

Edison Research found that in 2016, 36% of Americans aged 12+ had listened to a podcast in 2016. That’s a 75% increase since 2013. Interestingly, 64% of those who have listened to podcasts have done so on mobile devices.

The future of podcasting is strong, but the present needs to catch up.

Let’s look more closely at some of the practical ways to identify and exploit the ‘white space’ in your market
Never underestimate the power of a THANK YOU!


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